• Military space
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Automobile manufacturing
  • Medical and health care
  • Instrument and meter
  • Precision machinery
  • General machinery
  • Electronic semiconductor
  • Petrochemical industry

    PEEK materials and special composite material can be used in digital logging, integrated control, submarine pipeline, Marine riser, drill pipe, digital logging, electrical connectors, cable tie, seal, support ring, plug, packer, fracturing ball, centralizer, wire and cable, compressor, downhole sensor, fracturing, centralizer, ball bearing bushing and gear, etc. 


    Petrochemical industry

    In the petroleum exploration and production industry, the probe can be used to manufacture the special geometry of the mining machinery involved. PEEK high-performance materials that combine chemical, electrical, wear, hydrolysis and high temperature resistance are increasingly being used by the petroleum industry to improve operational performance and reduce the risk of downtime associated with component failure. 

    PEEK material has unique comprehensive performance, while bringing lower electrical interference, and it also withstands a wide range of aggressive chemicals, solvents and lubricants used in the petroleum industry.