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    PEEK replaces metal, stainless steel and titanium in engine enclosures, gaskets, bearings, clutch gears, seals and other components, and can be used in transmission, braking and air conditioning systems. In addition, PEEK has been successfully used in the automotive industry as an alternative to metals (including stainless steel and titanium) for engine covers, automotive bearings, seals and brake pads due to its good friction resistance.PEEK has excellent fatigue and chemical resistance, so it can be used in automotive fuel management systems. Because of its lightweight nature, it is replacing various active metal or aluminum components used in transmission, braking and air-conditioning systems, including piston units, seals, gaskets or bearings, which can lead to a significant reduction in vehicle weight and noise.


    Automobile manufacturing

    Based on the good friction resistance and mechanical properties, PEEK can replace metal to manufacture ABS anti-lock devices, automotive seals, gaskets, bearings and other parts, and can be used in the transmission system, brake system, steering system, seat system and other aspects of the automobile, so as to achieve lightweight. At present, the automobile industry increasingly requires the dual performance of vehicle weight, cost smaller and product performance larger, especially people's pursuit of automobile comfort and stability, the weight of the corresponding air conditioning, electric window, airbag and ABS brake system equipment is also increasing. The advantages of PEEK resin, such as good thermodynamic performance, friction resistance, low density and easy processing, are utilized to make auto parts. While the processing cost is greatly reduced, not only the weight can be reduced by up to 90%, but also the service life can be guaranteed for a long time. 

    Therefore, as a substitute of stainless steel and titanium, PEEK is used to manufacture the material of engine inner cover. Manufacturing automotive bearings, gaskets, seals, clutch rings and other components, in addition to the transmission, brake and air conditioning system applications are also many. PEEK resin can be used as a substitute for metal stainless steel and titanium in the manufacture of engine enclosures, automotive bearings, gaskets, seals, clutch rings and other parts, as well as in the transmission, braking and air conditioning systems of automobiles. At present, Boeing, AMD, Nissan, NEC, Sharp, Chrysler, General Motors, Audi and Airbus are already using this material in large quantities.