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    PEEK material can be used in precision medical instruments, such as PEEK microwave digestion tank, dental tray, artificial bone plate, direct booster. In the medical field, PEEK provides economical innovative components with excellent wear resistance, heat resistance, electrical resistance and chemical resistance.


    Medical and health care

    Its applications in the field of health care mainly include dental instruments, endoscopes, dialyzers, etc., mainly used in orthopedics. PEEK has excellent physical and chemical properties, mechanical and thermal properties, and can be used in surgical instruments, medical catheters, endoscopes, analysis and testing equipment and other parts, plastic surgery, oral implant, repair and other fields. PEEK can be used to replace metal in the manufacture of artificial bone in addition to repeated use, sterilization and sterilization of highly demanding surgical and dental equipment and the manufacture of sophisticated medical instruments.

    PEEK artificial bone not only has the advantages of light weight, non-toxic, corrosion resistance and so on, but also can be organically combined with the body. Therefore, using PEEK instead of metal to manufacture human bone is a very important application in the medical field, with far-reaching significance and value, and the potential application prospect is very attractive.