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    In the mechanical industry, PEEK material is often used to manufacture compressor valves, piston rings, seals, connectors, various chemical pump bodies and valve parts, as well as impeller instead of stainless steel to manufacture eddy current pumps. In the mechanical industry, PEEK resin is commonly used to make compressor valves, piston rings, seals and various chemical pump bodies and valve parts.


    General machinery

    The impeller made of resin instead of stainless steel of vortex pump can obviously reduce the wear degree and noise level, and prolong its service life. PEEK has good acid and alkali resistance, high frequency resistance, solder resistance and irradiation resistance. It can be widely used as class H and C insulation material in motors, generators, transformers, capacitors, etc. It can also be used in printed circuit boards, wave bands, and heat-resistant and chemical-resistant ring belts.

    PEEK material has been widely used in textile, sewing, non-woven processing, dyeing and finishing, shaping, mercerizing, printing and embroidery and other processes due to its excellent performance. The typical product forms are: wear-resisting sliders, bearings, bushings, dust caps, wear-resisting buffer strips, rail wear-resisting strips, amplitude adjusting nuts, wear-resisting clips, bushings, wear-resisting guides, gaskets, gears, helical teeth wear-resisting plates, etc.