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    PEEK polymer material is exceptionally strong, chemically inert and flame retardant, and easy to be processed into parts with very small tolerances. In addition, PEEK can replace metal, traditional composite materials and other plastics due to its advantages of light gravity, corrosion resistance and temperature resistance successfully.Due to the excellent performance, PEEK and PI materials are widely used in aviation industry, such as fuel filter support seat, bolt, nut and winding tube parts, rocket battery tank and rocket engine parts.



    PEEK material has excellent flame retardancy, corrosion resistance, hydrolysis resistance, low density and good machining performance. It can replace aluminum and other metal materials for manufacturing various aerospace parts, such as sealing plate, radome, tie tape, aircraft valve body, sealing ring, wheel hub, etc.PEEK is widely used in the aerospace industry, mainly replacing aluminum and other metal materials to make various aircraft parts and reduce the risk of aircraft fire. PEEK can manufacture fuel filters, bolts, nuts and winding pipes, cabin seats and dining tables, cabin skins, whole machine cable trays and electrical components, cabin handles, compressors and pump bodies, etc. 

    Main performance advantages in this field: high temperature resistance, excellent machinability, radiation resistance, flame retardant, low smoke, non-toxic, hydrolysis resistance, corrosion resistance.Moreover, materials engineers in the aerospace industry need materials that can operate stably under extremely harsh conditions, and PEEK has successfully replaced traditional materials in this application environment.