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Nanjing Yuwei is a new technology-based innovative enterprise
Nanjing Yuwei New Material Co., Ltd. is a new type of technology-innovative company, it specializes in the injection molding, extrusion molding, compression molding and machining of special engineering plastic profiles such as PEEK, PI, PPS, PEI etc., and it also provides R&D, design and production integrated solutions to special engineering plastic profiles and parts for different industries.

The company puts into production a number of profile extrusion lines, and can independently produce PEEK bar materials, PEEK sheet materials, PEEK pipes, PEEK sheets, PEEK profiled bars, PPS rods, tubes and plates, etc. in large quantity.

After years of experience, Nanjing Yuwei has been able to produce a wide range of conventional PEEK profiles and has had a large inventory, and can process unconventional PEEK profiles and PEEK profiled bars according to customer requirements. The company has horizontal injection molding machines, vertical injection molding machines, large molding machines, high-precision CNC lathes, CNC processing center and other mechanical processing equipment, and specializes in customizing and processing PEEK, PI and PPS parts of various specifications and different purposes.

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development history
In April 2006, Nanjing Yuanbang Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. was established as a company mainly engaged in the trade of PEEK, PI, PPS, PEI, PSU and other bar, plate and tube profiles.
In May 2007, it purchased molding machines, injection molding machines and CNC lathes, and transformed them into semi-production enterprises.
In December 2008, the company formally transformed and established Nanjing Yuwei New Material Co., Ltd., officially becoming the production and processing enterprise of special engineering plastic products and profiles; The PEEK large pipes with a diameter of more than 800MM were molded and successfully developed fracturing balls for oil downhole tools, breaking the foreign monopoly on this product for many years.
In March 2009, many molding machines, horizontal and vertical injection molding machine, CNC machining center, CNC drilling and milling grinder and other processing equipment were introduced one after another, and the processing technology was improved and thousands of molds were developed. Nanjing Shousu made great strides towards the leading enterprise in special engineering plastics production.
In April, 2010, 600T injection molding machine, 500T molding machine, multiple production and processing equipment and production lines were introduced, and they have the ability to process various complex PEEK parts and large PEEK products.
In August 2013, the production and sales of PEEK products and PI products increased significantly, and the company entered a virtuous cycle of development.
In May 2015, the company expanded its production scale and moved into Moling High-tech Industrial Concentration Zone, Jiangning District, Nanjing City, covering an area of 3,000 square meters, and completed the change of registered capital from 7.5 million yuan to 12 million yuan.
In August 2015, the company passed the certification of ISO9001 quality system, which strengthened the guarantee and management of product quality further.
In October 2015, the enterprise standards of PEEK series products passed the audit, and the enterprise standards of fracturing ball products passed the audit.
In January 2016, the company applied for a variety of utility model patents. In March, the company set up a PEEK medical profile and product cleaning workshop to ensure the cleanliness of extrusion equipment, control the dust-free environment of the workshop to a large extent, and control the internal cleanliness of the product from details to meet the stringent use standards of the medical industry.
In April 2016, the company continues to improve the process, successively extrude and mold PEEK rod, PEEK plate, PEEK pipe, PEEK filament and capillary, PEEK profiled material and the like of various specifications, and forms mature technology. In addition, the performances of the products are excellent, and they already can replace the imported product completely.
In December 2019, the company further expanded its production and operation scale, purchased 5,000-square-meter standardized industrial plants by itself, and moved into Pukou Economic Development Zone in Nanjing, entering a benign development track.
The company has been recognized as a technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise, as well as a private science and technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province, and has obtained a variety of utility model patents.
The company was recognized as "National High-tech Enterprise". Invest more than 10 million yuan in technology research and development, and introduce advanced production and research and development equipment at home and abroad to improve technical level and production efficiency, so as to better and faster provide products and services to customers.
The company has been exploring new product application fields, attracting advantageous talents to join, expanding the company's development scale, maintaining its industry position, and has strong development momentum and vitality in product research and development, production and manufacturing, market development, etc. Nanjing Yuwei looks forward to cooperating with you.
Vision and mission

To provide you with more product solutions, we can provide customized services in the whole process of design, material selection and modification, mold manufacturing, injection molding, machining, etc. according to different needs of customers.

Promote the development and channel application of new technology and new materials for special engineering plastics.
The manufacturer and service provider of special engineering plastic profiles and products promote the products of Nanjing Shousu to the application of various industries.
Produce PEEK, PI and other profiles and products with the best quality, strive to be the industry leader, create the brand effect of Nanjing Yuwei.
Strive for the continuous development of the enterprise! The concept of Nanjing Shousu is to improve technology continuously, develop new products constantly, and be a long-term partner trusted by customers with professional ability and honest attitude.
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