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PEEK is a special engineering plastic with excellent performance, which has more obvious advantages compared with other special engineering plastics, such as high temperature resistance of 260℃, excellent mechanical properties, good self-lubricating, chemical corrosion resistance, flame retardancy, Stripping resistance, wear resistance, strong nitric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid resistance, radiation resistance, super mechanical properties, etc., can be used in high-end machinery, nuclear engineering, petroleum and aviation and other high-tech fields.


PEEK is an aromatic crystalline thermoplastic polymer material with a melting point of 334℃, which has high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, flame retardancy, acid and alkali resistance, hydrolysis resistance, wear resistance, fatigue resistance, radiation resistance and good electrical properties.

High temperature resistance
PEEK resin has high melting point (334℃) and glass transition temperature (143℃), the continuous service temperature is 260℃, and the load heat deformation temperature of its 30%GF or CF reinforced brand is as high as 316℃.
Mechanical properties
PEEK resin has good toughness and rigidity, and it has excellent fatigue resistance to alternating stress comparable to alloy materials.
Self-lubricity (corrosion resistance)
PEEK resin has excellent sliding characteristics, and is suitable for use under strict requirements on low friction coefficient and wear resistance.
Chemical resistance
Its corrosion resistance is similar to that of nickel steel. PEEK is only dissolved in concentrated sulfuric acid, which has good chemical resistance, especially more acid and alkali resistance than polyimide at high temperature.
Flame retardancy
PEEK resin is a very stable polymer, and the 1.45mm thick sample can reach the highest flame retardant standard without any flame retardant.
Irradiation resistance and peeling resistance
PEEK has good radiation resistance and peeling resistance, so it can be used to make electromagnetic wires for special purposes.
Hydrolysis resistance
The products made of PEEK resin and its composite materials can still keep good performance when used continuously in high temperature and high pressure water.
PEEK resin has good fluidity and high thermal decomposition temperature at high temperature, and can be processed by injection molding, compression molding, extrusion molding, blow molding and melt spinning.
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PEEK brand
CharacteristicPure resinAdd 30% carbon fiberAdd 30% glass fiberESDAST
ColorTrue colorsBlackTrue colorsBlackBlack
Performance introductionNJSSPEEK-1000 is extruded from PEEK pure resin, which has good toughness and strong impact resistance.NJSSPEEK-C1030 filled with 30% carbon fiber reinforcement has better mechanical properties (higher elastic modulus, mechanical strength and creep) and better wear resistance.NJSSPEEK-G1030 filled with 30% glass fiber reinforced plastic has better rigidity and creep resistance, and better dimensional stability, so it is ideal to manufacture structural parts.ESD PEEK can avoid the harm of voltage discharge to people or objects. Based on static electricity control and permanent dissipation of static charge, this kind of plastic can provide high-level safety for application fields.AST PEEK is based on PEEK raw material, which is mixed with carbon fiber, carbon black, metal fiber, metal powder, permanent antistatic masterbatch, etc., so as to achieve the functions of conductivity and electromagnetic interference shielding.