Our services

To provide you with more product solutions, we can provide customized services in the whole process of design, material selection and modification, mold manufacturing, injection molding, machining, etc. according to different needs of customers.

Selection and modification of materials
The company has been focusing on PEEK materials for many years. We have dozens of standard and customized PEEK grades for customers to choose from. Please inform us of your product design requirements, such as mechanical property requirements, operating temperature, dielectric constant, etc. We will recommend suitable PEEK or other high-performance engineering plastics for you.
Drawing design
We can manipulate your CAD models and drawings or create them for you from your parts or sketches. If required, we can design your parts from scratch. Our CAD design engineers are able to design complex parts and assemblies from our range of engineering materials that are in use across all industry sectors.
Mold manufacturing
We have a mature technical team that can turn your materials or ideas into components. Provide different product molding solutions according to your product design, such as injection molding, machining, etc.
Injection molding, machining
The company has introduced CNC, CNC milling machine, wire cutting and other CNC equipment to form a strong mold manufacturing capability, and has equipped a dedicated mold design and maintenance team in each production line to timely adjust and deal with mold problems.
Product testing and development
The company invests a large amount of money every year for the research, development and production of new products and new fields of special engineering plastics, and constantly strengthens its independent research and development capabilities of "new products, new technologies, and new processes". Jointly promote the application of special engineering plastic products such as PEEK and PI in various industries.
Plastic replacement metal conversion
With the invention of engineering plastics, metal to plastic was introduced, and its weight and strength were similar to those of plastics. Since then, many parts made of metal have been replaced by injection molded parts. Plastic provides many other properties better than metal, thus improving the performance of products. The first and most important benefit of metal to plastic conversion is cost reduction! Secondly, it can increase the durability of functions. It is light in weight and high in strength. Engineering plastics can withstand a lot of pressure, making it as reliable as metal. Corrosion resistance and chemical resistance Plastic has better chemical resistance than metal
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