Welcome to K 2022, NANJING YUWEI meets you in Dussendorf, Germany.


The K show is every three years. In 2022, it will usher in its 22nd event. The K show is one of the world's largest, highest level, and most professional and representative plastic industry events. As a world -class rubber and plastic exhibition, the K show is not only because of its large scale, but also in the world's plastic industry, with high recognition and profound influence. They are all important industry exchange platforms that bring new business opportunities to all areas of the industry.

NANJING YUWEI specializes in the production of PEEK (Polyetheretherketone), PI (polyanide) finished parts and rods, pates, tubes, sheets, etc., to provide research and development of special engineering plastic parts and semi -finished profiles for different industries , Design, production, and sales integrated solution. At this exhibition, the company's recent development and production of special plastics and various parts and products such as PEEK, PI and PPS.