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    PEEK is a high -performance thermoplastic plastic, which is widely used in engineering, aerospace, analysis instruments, food and drinks, as well as oil and natural gas industries. PEEK materials perform well in high temperature and high -pressure environments. Peek has many unique characteristics and is one of the commonly used polymer polymers.


    Instrument and meter

    PEEK has been very successful in the analysis of the testing instrument industry. It is very convenient to use the pipelines and joints made of PEEK materials. PEEK wears board joints, PEEK high and low pressure shells, peek pump heads, etc. PEEK (polyether etheryone) polymers and other high -performance plastic parts developed by Nanjing Plastics Company have been widely used in related equipment such as chromatographic columns, chromatography, chromatography preparation, flow road fluid, liquid sealing. PEEK materials are often used to make color spectrometer joints, wafer carrier, electronic insulating film, and various connector devices.

    It can also make chip carrier, connectors, printed electric board circuits, high temperature connectors, mouth suction, circuit wheels, circuit wheels, circuit wheels wait. Due to the high intensity and low -solutionability of Peek, the liquid color spectrum, tube, attachment, etc. are already applied to instrument analysis.